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Think Through Math
Contact and Ordering Information:

Cristy Rivera
Think Through Math
Regional Sales Manager
Fax: 412.894.9938
Phone: 866.357.8664 ext. 180

Are your Students Ready for Alegbra 1?

Think Through Math is the premier online math intervention a web-based system of curriculum proven
to raise math achievement for students in grades 5 through Algebra I. Our mission is to help students
believe they can experience success in math. Were also committed to making sure educators have a
program that is both adaptive and fully aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Setting a new standard for differentiated instruction, the program motivates underperforming students
and deepens their understanding of the most important math concepts.

First, we provide an adaptive and personalized learning path for every student targeting grade-level expectations and individualizing, based on student performance.
Second, students on the program have access to certified U.S. math teachers. This literally means that as students work on the computer, they will receive just-in-time help precisely when they need it. We never leave the students alone.

Proven-effective with students who perform basic and below on state tests, the instructional model
came out of a 13-year, 30,000-student remedial math research study conducted by the United States Air
Force, the most effective training program in the world.

Adaptive Placement through Differentiated Instruction

Think Through Math's adaptive placement and content system is designed to continually place students in content aligned with their zone of proximal development. This is accomplished by a multi-level system of assessment that includes an adaptive placement, pre-quizzes, and data from lesson work. The result is a system that continually adapts to meet student needs while maximizingresults over the time allotted.

Our web-based solution provides individualized math tutoring for all students. Using flexible learning pathways, individualized feedback and multilingual audio support, Think Through Math
engages every student in learning.

Rigorous Content, Flexible Structure

Finally, Think Through Math truly is a balanced approach to learning math. It is aligned to the NationalCouncil of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and a wide-variety of individual state standards and most importantly to the Common Core State Standard (CCSS). Our content challenges students to think mathematically. Flexible learning pathways teach students both concepts and procedures to help think through specific word problems and scenarios.

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