Become a Member

School districts, private schools, higher ed institutions, and public agencies may purchase WLS products by doing the following:

School Districts:

  1. Establish a Contact Person, the Contact Person will be WLS main point of contact with the member, including with respect to the ordering of products, management of internal distribution of products, and dissemination of information about WLS agreements and activities, resources and services supporting education.
  2. Complete Access Subscription Agreement – This form serves as an interlocal agreement between the school district and the WLS, enabling members to take advantage of RFPs issued by the WLS. Complete remaining steps below.
  3. Print the form for approval by your organization’s governing body.
  4. Have the form signed by an authorized representative.

Mail the signed original(s) to the following (You may also email: the signed form(s) to expedite processing, but make sure you mail the original, too):

Angela Bolam
Washington Learning Source
Puget Sound ESD
800 Oakesdale Ave. SW
Renton, WA 98057

Higher Ed/Private Schools and Public Agencies:

  1. Same as step 1 above
  2. Complete WLS Membership Form
  3. Same as step 3 above
  4. Same as step 4 above
  5. Same as step 5 above