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Heidi Anderson
Regional Sales Director
Phone: 971-380-0174

Achieve3000 accelerates learning with flexible solutions that create equity and depth in the classroom and deliver proven results. With game-based foundational literacy learning, proven-effective differentiated literacy instruction, a curriculum platform that powers engaging, equitable learning in ELA, Science, and Social Studies, and individualized practice and intervention for math, we help unlock every student’s potential.

Product Description:

Achieve3000 Literacy:
Research shows that the more time students spend reading, the better readers they become. But how can you create more time for reading without lengthening the school day? Achieve3000 Literacy brings literacy instruction into your grades 2-12 content-area classrooms to build key reading skills while simultaneously developing disciplinary knowledge and vocabulary. With the same grade-appropriate content tailored at 12 levels in English and 8 in Spanish and customized to meet the Washington State K-12 Learning Standards, Achieve3000 Literacy is the differentiated literacy solution that accelerates reading gains for all students – all in a single English language arts, science or social studies classroom!

Smarty Ants:

The first step towards college and career success is building strong foundational reading skills. Ensure every student is on track for success from Day One with Smarty Ants, Achieve3000's effective, research-driven literacy solution for grades PreK-2. Smarty Ants combines deeply differentiated foundational skills instruction, independent practice and embedded assessments all in an interactive, online learning environment. Easily accessible, on-demand resources for teachers support targeted and purposeful instruction and provide the flexibility to implement Smarty Ants in any blended learning model.

Actively Learn:

Actively Learn is a highly flexible, pedagogically sound cross curricular platform for grades 3-12. It is designed to drive student and teacher engagement with digital content across grade levels and subject areas. Teachers can upload texts and videos that align to their scope and sequence, share digital resources, and monitor student progress across standards with real-time data.

In addition to being a collaborative online learning platform, Actively Learn offers sequenced curricular units that deliver core curriculum for deeper learning in ELA, science, and social studies. With boundless content, features to promote authentic student engagement, and integrated opportunities for teacher professional development, Actively Learn brings every classroom to life.

Achieve3000 Math: 

Achieve3000 Math provides an individualized, research-based math solution to accelerate student gains in grades K-12. With high-quality, high-value mathematics content and precision skills-based assessment, Achieve3000 Math offers a powerful experience to support math fluency and skills mastery across grades, standards, and topics.

Designed for targeted practice, Achieve3000 Math helps students fill knowledge gaps and build confidence with over 25,000 scaffolded, standards-aligned problems. Three quasi-experimental studies in five states showed strong results with extremely high effect sizes.

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