Ascend Math

Contract Number: WLS273

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Contract Expiration Date: 1/31/2022

Dan Richardson
302 Albany
Shreveport, IL
Phone: 318-272-1979 or 877-843-0277

Ascend Math is math intervention that provides each student with a unique study path through skill gaps at each level. Individual study plans are prescriptive, adaptive, and automatically assigned. In addition, Ascend Math provides all the interactive instruction each student needs.  Students using Ascend fill skill gaps quickly and often improve one to two grade levels the first few months. Real time data makes progress monitoring easy and gives teachers a quick snapshot on what needs to happen next.

The Ascend Math Difference

Highly effective with special education and ELL/ESOL students. Videos are closed captioned in English and Spanish. Students often move up 2 or more grade levels in a semester.

Individualized Study Plans: Ascend automatically creates an individualized study plan for each struggling student. Students spend time only on what they need to learn, and not what they already know.

Individualized Learning: Ascend offers instruction in multiple modalities to address a variety of learning styles and preferences.

Flexible Pacing: Students work at the pace thats best for them to reach and exceed grade-level proficiency.

Automated Tracking of Student Performance: Ascend offers built-in, easy to access accountability tied to both NCTM and State Curriculum Standards.

Makes Every Teacher More Effective: The wealth of award-winning video instruction and comprehensive reporting frees the teacher to focus attention where it is most needed. It's like having a math intervention specialist for each student. For a Product Tour and/or Weekly Webinar:

Multiple year pricing available. Please contact your Ascend Math Representative for detailed price information.

*Orders greater than 20 students per location will have an Ascend Math dedicated school. For implementations greater than 300 students per location, please contact the Ascend Math Representative. This special pricing is available only to WLS member schools.