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Contract Expiration Date: 9/28/2020

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Blackboard Collaborate is a world-class solution for geographically dispersed teams to work together and obtain results quickly. With Blackboard Collaborate, students can take advantage of their instructor’s office hours, Teaching Assistant’s tutoring sessions and even each other’s expertise to solve homework and project assignments. Staff also can take advantage of Collaborate to reach out to students during the admissions process, assist with financial aid, and even work with each other on documents.

This is made possible by Blackboard Collaborate’s simple workflow. In Blackboard Collaborate, a simple “virtual office” (or session) is created, and links to this “office” are generated by the application. Depending on your needs, sessions can persist for more than a year or can last for a few minutes.

The Collaborate workflow

Inviting others to your virtual office is as easy as sending them the links provided by the application. Or, if you want to, enter Blackboard Collaborate directly from your courses through the interface points provided within your LMS.

Instructors can add links to the room from the course content areas. You can also find the room under the course Details & Actions. Select Join the classroom from your course Details & Actions.

When you join a room it opens in a new window or browser, depending on your browser settings.

Once everybody has joined, Blackboard Collaborate makes it possible for the team to do any of the following:

  • Chat in real time with session-specific chat functionality enabling users to communicate via text and emoji
  • Share documents, applications, or even their computer’s screen through Collaborate in a few clicks, or simply by dragging and dropping documents onto the screen.
  • Use Breakout Groups to create groups of students to work together to complete assignments
  • Use a virtual whiteboard to write text, annotate, or even perform free-form drawing—a platform for joint problem-solving.
  • Use video and audio conferencing to get your point across and be seen and heard by an audience of over 100 people at a time.
  • Manage user interactions through muting, virtual “hand-raising” and a chat box that can be used to interact in writing.

Blended and distance learning closer than ever

Blackboard Collaborate is also a highly effective solution for distance and blended learning students, which now have a tool to complement their asynchronous learning efforts with real-time, face-to-face interactions with their peers and instructors in a course. Blackboard Collaborate becomes critical to maintain student engagement and facilitate collaboration in research, teaching and administration roles at your school.

Collaborate on the move too

Finally, Blackboard Collaborate is fully integrated within the Bb Student app, which is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. With Bb Student, students on the move can interact with their peers and faculty – wherever any of them may be.

An award-winning solution

We are proud to announce that the Blackboard Collaborate solution has been designed with the needs of educators in mind, and was recently nominated for a CODiE award as one of the Best Collaborative Social Media Solution for Educators in 2016.

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