Contract Number: WLS288

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Contract Expiration Date: 3/18/2020

Eric Spencer
Regional Director, K-12
Phone: 949-903-0002

Product Description:

Instructure's vision is to help school districts across Washington to leverage technology to maximize the potential of their students. Consider that Canvas - easy, open and cloud-based - offers Washington Learning Source members the opportunity to provide students and teachers alike with the best teaching and learning environment, adaptable to individual needs, accommodating of current and future educational technologies, and scalable to accommodate rapid growth.

No matter how many users have logged into Canvas at one time, Canvas will not slow down. Your District needs their LMS to work during its busiest moments, like during your first and last week of the semester. You need this to happen without purchasing extra servers, and you need the LMS to immediately handle unexpected loads, such as when your largest classes schedule online quizzes at the same time. With Canvas, all of these things are automatically done for you. Canvas architecture and the AWS infrastructure are fully horizontally scalable, and we have built an automatic scaling and automated provisioning technology. Canvas adjusts cloud resources to handle large usage loads before they cause slowdowns. This is why Canvas currently has more than 15 million active users and peak concurrent usage of more than 650,000 users - all without slowdown. In other words, when your concurrent user number grows, Canvas automatically adds resources so you don-t experience outages or slowdown.


  • True cloud - hosted on Amazon Web Services, the most established and trusted cloud hosting provider
  • Reliable - 99.9% uptime guaranteed.
  • Secure - the only VLE with independent, open security audits
  • Scalable - use for one school, some schools, all schools. No performance impact during peak times Accessible - on any internet capable device. W3C, WCAG 2.0 AA, ARIA and ATAG compliant
  • 24/7 support, ongoing Customer Success Management
  • Tri-weekly, hands-free upgrades


  • Canvas Community of 242,000 registered members across the globe, community website with 4 million page views per month, forums, special interest groups, local and global user conferences
  • Centralized control with Blueprint courses and user roles and permissions to match your district's institutional network and hierarchy
  • The most open LMS on the market, with Canvas Commons for sharing courses and content among peers, within WLS or publicly
  • Trust Relationships for access and interaction between Canvas users


  • Multiple methods of course delivery
    · Face-to-face
    · Blended/Hybrid
    · Fully Online
    · Self-paced
  • Learning outcomes to track student progress by pedagogical goals
  • Mastery Paths for branched learning paths and personalized student engagement
  • Canvas mobile app and SpeedGrader let teachers grade assignments, edit content and provide audio and video feedback from anywhere
  • Students can respond to feedback
  • Interoperable with hundreds of third party tools you and your students use every day, from Office365 and Google Docs to Mahara to Twitter to YouTube to Turnitin


  • Standards-based architecture ensures smooth upgrades every 3 weeks
  • Open source technologies to take advantage of advancements in scalability and flexibility
  • Participating member of IMS Global
  • 100+ strategic partners committed to learning, innovation and technology
  • 30%+ of revenue spent on R and D (compare to industry standard of around 18%)
  • Web 2.0 technologies like Ruby on Rails and Node.js to provide users with a familiar web experience
  • Directed Discovery product management with regional product managers to identify local trends and issues
  • 230+ engineers to develop and test products
  • Customer-led development - request a feature in the help menu, and vote for enhancements


  • Easy to use - supports, enables, enhances great teaching and learning
  • Mobile apps for student, parent and teacher
  • Analytics on student performance and engagement
  • Integral tools for communication and collaboration:
    · Canvas Collaborations
    · Canvas Discussions
    · Canvas Conferences
    · Canvas Conversations
    · Canvas Chat
    · Canvas Announcements
    · Canvas Calendar
    · Groups

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