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Contract Number: WLS291

Contract Expiration: 8/10/2021


Jennifer Milliner
Sales Representative
Phone: 317-469-1107

Product Description:

DRC provides a comprehensive family of solutions, called LAS Links, to help Washington educators easily identify and monitor the progress of English and Spanish language learners, from PreK-3 to grade 12. Early learners will benefit from the PreLAS and preLAS Observational Assessment and educators can use the LAS Links suite of assessments to monitor progress against ELPA21, to reclassify students, to assess Spanish language proficiency, or to serve as a summative assessment. preLAS and LAS Links addresses all of the language assessment needs for Washington educators—from gauging the abilities of new students and measuring the progress to lesson plans, instructional tools, and training materials to support and monitor student growth throughout the school year. LAS Links is also available in Spanish to service dual language and bilingual programs, specifically preLAS Español and LAS Links Español.
With our reliable, resource-based tools, Washington educators can:

  • Accurately assess preK3–12 English and Spanish language proficiency
  • Measure and report on student progress toward English and Spanish proficiency standards.
  • Allow teachers to develop targeted strategies to accelerate progress toward language proficiency.
  • Determine when students are ready to exit ELL programs
  • Comply with Federal Title III reporting requirements
  • Assess academic language to measure and report a student’s language proficiency within and across content areas such as Math, Science, Technical Subjects, History, Social Studies, and Language Arts
  • Access Lexile measures to advance students’ reading comprehension

LAS Links provides the opportunity for Washington educators to monitor and ensure students are moving along the continuum in acquiring the academic and language proficiency needed to be successful in the classroom. The LAS Links reporting design allows for monitoring trends, progress, and efficacy of programs due to the myriad of data points and the power of the online reporting offered.


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