Contract Number: WLS282

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Contract Expiration Date: 6/27/2021

Colby Van Vooren
Director of Sales
Phone: 888-809-4609

Ednetics specializes in designing and supporting network-based solutions for the education community. These solutions include: voice, video conferencing, video collaboration, video surveillance, access control, bell and notification. Ednetics provides solutions and services to more than 150 K-12 and higher education institutions in the Pacific Northwest.

Product Description:

Safety is vital to the well being of any organization. Ednetics physical security solutions help increase the level of security and safety in organizations and are built to integrate, increasing their flexibility and features. Monitor entrances and high-risk areas with video surveillance. Authorize visitors and employ lockdown capability with access control. Broadcast alerts and notify authorities and first responders in emergency situations with emergency notification systems (ENS). Ednetics designs and implements physical security solutions with a deep understanding of customer environments and a commitment to best practices in technology and safety.

As part of delivery robust, integrated school safety solutions, Ednetics has included a wide range of products and services on this purchasing agreement.

IP Video Surveillance

Surveillance cameras deter theft, vandalism, and property damage, while promoting a safer environment. Video footage can help identify potential safety risks and aid in resolving disciplinary issues effectively. Video surveillance can improve response times in emergencies, allowing authorized personnel to quickly identify the location and nature of security issues.

A digital video surveillance system is a cost-effective, future-proof monitoring solution that provides a number of benefits over traditional analog systems. Digital formats provide high quality imaging and better storage, search, and retrieval options. IP networks save costs using Power over Ethernet (PoE) and non-proprietary hardware while allowing simplified scalability and installation. Smarter cameras and software make monitoring more effective with motion detection and scheduling. Conveniently manage and monitor video from desktops or mobile devices.

Building Access Control

Lock and unlock entry points with access control, even when you're off-site. Give community groups after-hours access to facilities by issuing time- and location-delimited keycards that grant entry only to the rooms they need. User privileges and locking schedules can be configured quickly for rooms, buildings, or an entire district. Keycard and numeric keypad access control informs administrators who is entering buildings and when they're doing so. Exterior access control options include locks, cameras, and intercoms that can withstand rough weather and physical abuse while delivering reliable, effective performance.

Emergency Notification

Quick and efficient communication is core to any safety solution. Ednetics provides integrated solutions that enable powerful notification features for streamlined communications in an emergency situation. Multiple triggers can be setup to send text or live and prerecorded audio messages to phones, IP speakers, analog paging systems, computers, digital signage, email, and even social media sites.

Installation Services

Complete design and installation services by Ednetics are included in this contract. Experience campus security at the next level with expertly deployed campus security.

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