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The Problem
We live in an era of increasing technology around every corner of our lives. We’re using apps on our smartphones and tablets to give us directions, manage our money, teach us to play the piano, and shop for new clothes. Our desktop and laptop computers have turned into our lifelines to news outlets, our workstations, and our sources of entertainment. We are completely inundated with technology in all aspects of our lives – which is often welcomed – but when you begin to combine individuals, each with multiple devices, into a common environment you’re presented with a major challenge. Management. What happens when an entire school district needs an update installed for a standardized testing program…this afternoon? What happens when a critical software program needs updating…on all company computers…by tomorrow, or people can’t do their jobs? What happens when an Administrator or Executive loses a device with confidential information on it? Device management is not only a needed part of a business or education technology plan, but it is critical.! !

The Solution
Enter systems and mobile device management leader, FileWave. FileWave eases the pain of normal IT woes by providing users with an easy to use Admin console that manages the imaging of devices, deployment of software, apps, drivers, updates and
much more from one place. Long gone are the days when a staff member has to go from device to device with a flash drive or a CD to update software – the FileWave console can do it all from one console.

Multi-Platform Management
There are many features in the FileWave Management Suite, all of which are designed to streamline tech processes to make the jobs of IT staff less complicated, while at the same time provide the right tools and content to end-users, so they too can do their
jobs. It’s important to note that FileWave is multi-platform, meaning it doesn’t matter the type of devices an institution has, or the combination of devices, FileWave can manage them all. Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android are all supported operating systems. This unique offering is very important in today’s ever-changing technology landscape.

Complete Life Cycle Management
The task of getting hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of computers and mobile devices configured, deployed, managed and maintained is nothing short of daunting. Fortunately, FileWave provides IT Administrators with the tools they need to manage endpoints throughout the entire life cycle of imaging, deployment, management and maintenance.

FileWave’s suite of solutions addresses nearly every IT management need. Its multiplatforcompatibility, combined with decades of experience, makes for a robust solution worthy of consideration by any organization that wants to embrace technology
and take the pain of out management. As FileWave says, “We make management simple” – and that they do well.


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