Graide Network

Contract Number: WLS290

Contract Expiration Date: 5/21/2021

Liz Nell
Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships
Phone: 312-967-4084

The Graide Network helps build better writers by providing timely, effective feedback on student writing. By leveraging a qualified network of online teaching assistants (“Graiders”) for grading support, schools overcome the biggest barrier to writing instruction - teacher time - and unlock the tremendous power of feedback to improve learning outcomes. This allows more opportunities for students to engage in meaningful writing and more time for teachers to focus on instruction and planning.

Key Program Benefits:

  • Get students writing more - more drafts, more revision, more formative assessment
  • Boost test scores and student growth via fast, formative, and objective feedback
  • Foster data-driven instruction and collaboration with robust reporting
  • Equip teachers with the time, data, and tools they need to best support their students

Common Use Cases:

Classroom Writing: The most effective way to increase the amount and quality of writing and feedback for students in English and humanities courses is to supplement your team with remote, vetted Graiders. In partnering with The Graide Network, teachers can shift some of their time from measurement (grading) to action, using the data and insights to improve their teaching practice and better support their students.

Writing Benchmarks: Schools and districts also partner with The Graide Network for support on writing benchmarks and interim assessments. We take care of all of the operational challenges that come with large scale assessments, delivering fast, normed, complete, and reliable student performance data (plus feedback!) hassle-free.

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