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Eric Daniels
District Partnership Manager
Phone: 716-553-5375

Product Description

Kinvolved helps districts improve attendance and communications with user-friendly software and research-based family engagement practices that elevate student outcomes.

We work with schools and districts to catalyze students, parents, educators, leaders, and community stakeholders around a common mission: To improve student achievement by improving attendance and family engagement.

Our partner districts have seen:

  • 22% reduction in chronic absenteeism for ELL students
  • 10% decrease in chronic absenteeism among all students
  • 30X increase in parent attendance at Title 1 meetings

Our approach is threefold, comprising an attendance improvement and communications software (KiNVO™), professional consulting services, and community summits. These systems are designed to change the deeply ingrained behaviors and external factors affecting student attendance and engagement, including poverty, racial inequity, and socio-economic exclusion.

Attendance Management and Communications Software

KiNVO is a powerful, user-friendly software that centralizes attendance analytics and communications on a single platform for increased security, efficiency, and impact.

KiNVO empowers districts to:

  • Communicate with ELL students and their families via two-way messaging automatically translated in 80+ languages.
  • Reach students and families without internet access via two-way text messaging that is instantly archived with administrative oversight.
  • Communicate with families on the devices they’re already using without needing a clunky app or parent login.
  • Track attendance with robust dashboards that help identify early warning signs and inform interventions.
  • Visualize attendance trends and reports for effective planning and budgeting.
  • Automate attendance notifications to immediately notify parents via text, email, or robocall in 80+ languages.
  • Instantly identify out-of-date contact information to quickly take action and secure updated information.
  • And much more!

Professional Services

Through our professional services, we help districts implement research-based family engagement practices, improve the quality of parent contact information, build attendance teams, set SMART Goals, manage the implementation of new attendance policies, and more.

Kinvolved can support both in person and virtually.

Community Summits

Community Summits are gatherings in which we convene key stakeholders—political, school district, business, and community leaders; students, and families—around a shared vision of improved attendance and engagement to improve student outcomes. We use the summit to raise local awareness, exchange best practices, and establish relationships to truly support students.

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