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Miriam Altman
CEO and Co-Founder
Phone: 646-719-0553

Product Description

When communities join together to apply research-based best practices for improving attendance, student success soars. Kinvolved is uniquely suited to catalyze students, parents, educators, and community stakeholders around a common mission: To increase student achievement by eradicating chronic absenteeism.

The original education technology solution to absenteeism, Kinvolved is now an organization five years deep into its mission to eradicate chronic absence and student disengagement. We have learned that it takes shared commitment, intention, heart, and mutual engagement, especially with families, to achieve positive, quantifiable results.

Our approach is threefold, comprising attendance management software with extensive coaching and community-wide learning and action-planning events. Together, these systems are designed to change the deeply ingrained behaviors and external factors affecting student attendance, including poverty, racial inequity, and socio-economic exclusion.

Attendance Management and Communications Software
KiNVO is a powerful, user-friendly technology tool that equips educators, parents, and students with data that highlights attendance patterns, all in service of motivating change. The software builds bridges for parents who are hard to reach due to irregular schedules, work commitments, or language barriers.

KiNVO equips schools and districts with the ability to print and mail parent attendance letters and send real-time, attendance-driven text messages, emails, and robocalls in 65+ languages. Emergency alerts enable districts to trigger messages immediately. KiNVO also offers a variety of reports and visualization tools to highlight attendance trends.

Professional Learning
Through our expert-led professional development sessions, we help districts build attendance teams, set SMART Goals, manage the implementation of new attendance policies, and leverage KiNVO to move the needle on student attendance.

Kinvolved will support the Puget Sound Educational Service District both in person and virtually. In-person professional services span from district leadership to school principals, administrators, and teaching staff. Districts partner with the Kinvolved team to align on district-wide goals, align KiNVO use with WA state policy, and ensure maximum impact.

Community Summits
Our Community Summits are gatherings in which we convene key stakeholders - political, school district, business, and community leaders; students, and families - around a shared vision of improved attendance.

Kinvolved is proud to support PSESD's efforts to reduce chronic absenteeism in the region.

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