Learning A-Z Raz-Plus

Contract Number: WLS281

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Contract Expiration Date: 12/14/2020

Bryan Endreson
Regional Director
Phone: 602-790-3128

Product Description:

Raz-Plus is a blended learning platform that combines teacher-led whole-class and small-group instruction with engaging technology-enabled resources for personalized reading practice. All resources are accessible online and available in printable, projectable, and digital formats to strengthen the connection between what is being taught and what students independently practice.

  • Delivers standards-aligned reading instruction with more than 50,000 resources that develop key 21st century skills
  • Meets Washington State Learning Standards and Common Core State Standards
  • Personalizes reading practice with more than 3,000 developmentally-appropriate leveled books and additional reading resources available in printable, projectable, online, and mobile formats and in multiple languages
  • Allows students to listen to books, read, record themselves reading, and take quizzes to monitor comprehension from anywhere they have an Internet connection
  • Builds comprehension skills and strategies with lesson plans, activity sheets, and quizzes that accompany each leveled book and addresses specific reading instructional needs
  • Allows teachers to digitally assign materials to individuals, small groups, or the whole class
  • Provides diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment data that’s easy to access online in Kids A-Z
  • Data-driven reports that show individual and class-wide activity and performance

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