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Contract expiration date: 1/18/19

Nick Bright
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Product Description:

Every child in every class is at a different skill level.  Because of this, Whizz Education works with districts and schools around the world to help increase K-8 students math achievement levels based on their ability, not age, through a truly engaging and adaptive program.  Math-Whizz does this through online individual tutoring that delivers the right lesson at the right time for every child, is easy to use with extensive teacher resources and robust school and district reporting.

Guaranteed to accelerate learning and raise math achievement, Math-Whizz utilizes the best practices in teaching and learning and delivers individualized, standards based content for grades K-8. Aligned to the Common Core State Standards, Math-Whizz is easily integrated into any classroom and learning environment and engages students in active learning through an immersive and exciting learning environment.

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  • Presents lessons in an interactive format with aural, textual and pictorial cues.
  • Provides specifically targeted instruction, enabling quick student growth. On average, non-proficient students will see a two-year growth in skill levels, with just 60-90 minutes of use per week in one school year.
  • Identifies a student’s skill level, strengths, weaknesses and learning gaps, on each topic and then assigns lessons specific to that student’s unique instructional needs
  • Monitors student understanding and progress, and adapts the curriculum to meet the student’s changing instructional needs.
  • Starts all lessons with instruction on prior knowledge for students so that students can build new knowledge upon the foundation of prior learning.
  • Helps students develop learning strategies and aids in the development of critical thinking and problem solving ability.
  • Offers students the chance to review lessons they have completed, or go back to foundational skill required for the lessons presented to them in their lesson sequence.
  • Allows teachers the ability to identify and use over 1,200 K-8 lessons to support learning and enhance instruction.
  • Offline activities for extra practice and homework


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