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Michael Maloney
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ThinkUp! ELA (Levels 1–8 | Spanish Levels 1–5) introduces the focus CCSS and the critical thinking traits that support students as they learn, practice, and master CCSS concepts. ThinkUp! ELA is available in Print Only, Digital Only, and Print + Digital Bundle formats to accommodate distance learning and provide instructional flexibility

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For Teachers
ThinkUp! ELA provides the supportive content and instructional tools educators need to plan meaningful, practical lessons.

  • Supports a full instructional integration of all strands of the standards with an emphasis on reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking.
  • Offers a Guided Instruction component with a focus on specified reading standards, allowing teachers to model reading and thinking texts and debriefing assessment items about the texts using a systematic approach.
  • Provides evidence statements for selected-response items to support teachers as they share explanations and reasoning for correct responses.
  • Gives a variety of assessment forms and types to support teachers as they monitor student progress in regard to specific Standards, including Pre-assessments, Selected-response items, Constructed-response items, Reflection prompts, Compositions, and Performance Tasks.
  • Includes content to support teachers as they plan and prepare for instruction: Clarifying the Standards, Lexile Measures of Units Texts, Coding (Standard, DOK, RBT, ELPS), Literature Connections, Skill-Based Literature, Writing Rubrics, Glossary of essential standards terms, Teacher Reflection, Correlations to Standards.

For Students
ThinkUp! ELA guides students step by step as they master the CCSS concepts and become thinkers—not just test takers.

  • Provides Reader Tips that support student understanding of the unit focus standards, including vocabulary, examples, and questions to guide thinking as well as a brief text to apply the concept or skill.
  • Features new, full-length, and grade-appropriate single and paired texts that meet the genre requirements of the standards and that engage students in meaningful and authentic reading experiences.
  • Gives opportunities for students to read multiple texts on the same topic, make meaningful connections, analyze genre characteristics and craft as they apply the techniques to their own writing, and respond to the texts in appropriate ways.
  • Integrates both Revising and Editing instruction and practice as well as Composition prompts that guide students through the writing process from planning to publishing.
  • Offers a Performance Task that invites students to respond to the unit text and extend the response using inquiry and research to produce and present a product.
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