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Degrees of Reading Power® (DRP®) is a measurement system that helps educators understand each student's reading comprehension ability. Results from the DRP Core Comprehension Tests will help Washington teachers scaffold their instruction with the right degree of intensity and challenge to ensure that students are on a path to College and Career Readiness. Data from the DRP can also help school leadership monitor reading growth and determine the efficacy of their curriculum so that timely interventions can be made.

The DRP is easily administered and delivered online. The platform includes a number of accommodation features - including sizing tools, highlighters, and text underlining tools - and results are immediately available.

Because the DRP measures deep reading and not speed of reading, it has been designed as an untimed test. Most students complete the assessment in 45 minutes. DRP results are presented in detailed views of student reading ability within student, class, teacher, school and district level reports, and include reporting that shows student abilities relative to Common Core Anchor Standards.

The DRP solution also includes BookLink, a database of reading materials that are calibrated to the DRP scale, as well as the DRP Analyzer, which is a tool that can be used to evaluate Washington instructional resources according to the DRP scale.

Literacy skills are critical for all students in all subject areas. The DRP is a convenient, powerful tool for accessing information about student reading abilities and instructional needs, as well as tool for viewing the trajectory of literacy improvements. 


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