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Contract Number: WLS276


Contract expiration date: 6/20/20



Tony Ferro, Sales Executive

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Product Description:

Reading Plus is a cloud-based, adaptive web-based reading fluency program that has additional off-line instructional tools for teacher-led instruction, founded on decades of research and
development. Reading Plus develops fluency, comprehension, stamina, rate, vocabulary, writing, and discreet comprehension skill development with its comprehensive approach to reading instruction. Students who use Reading Plus for 40 hours during the school year improved by almost two grade levels.



Reading Plus simultaneously develops the physical skills essential for fluency and stamina, provides proprietary texts that build vocabulary and comprehension, and taps into student interests to increase confidence and motivation. When students read independently, their physical skills, cognitive abilities, and emotions are all working simultaneously. Yet most reading programs focus on only one of these domains and try to develop it by isolating it from the others. By integrating these three domains in one personalized program, Reading Plus gives students what they need, when they need it, at the pace that works best for their success.

  • Meets Common Core and Washington State Standards for ELA
  • Utilizes an integrated 30-minute computer-adaptive silent reading assessment (InSight) which highly correlates to other assessments like SBAC, GRADE, MAP, and STAR.
  • Only ELA program that integrates the three domains of reading-cognitive, physical and emotional.
  • Extensive library of engaging informational and literary selections that support instructional objectives through student-centered learning.
  • Text selections are written to meet readability and text complexity recommendations outlined in national standards, and include STEM, social science, and literary content.
  • Delivers real-time monitoring and insight into student progress at district, site, class, and student levels.
  • Easy-to-use dashboards support teachers in making data-driven decisions and organizing supplemental on & offline instruction.
  • Integrated Writing Portal


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