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Schoolwires serves our nation’s K-12 schools with website community-based solutions that connect community members to the information, services and people that are integral to their success. From website and community management to broad-based community engagement, from collaborative learning to parental involvement, Schoolwires brings district communities together that result in stronger school communities, more effective schools, better home-school connections and greater student success. In providing solutions to the districts we serve, Schoolwires strives to create the nation’s leading online educational community-connecting more individuals more completely than any other service. All so that the people they serve are better positioned to reach their full potential.


Connect your community with the market-leading Website & Community Management Solution


Centricity2 is the next-generation website and community management solution that connects and informs every member of your district’s community. Communicate more effectively with your district stakeholders to build broad-based support for your critical initiatives. Connect and inform students, teachers and community members in immersive ways with Web 2.0 functionality and interactivity. Build District, School and Classroom Websites with:

Advanced Website Design & Content & Community Management
Minibase Data Management
Multimedia Bundle
Broadcast & Content E-Alerts
Enterprise Calendar
Integrated User Assistance

Engage your community like never before with the Community Engagement EngineCentricity2 includes the breakthrough Community Engagement Engine that helps you activate learning, increase parental involvement, and engages your community.An engaged community yields more community support for bond issues, attracts quality teachers and influences more families to enroll, positively impacting your tax base. With improved social learning tools, individualized communications, and integrated analytics and metrics, Centricity2 more deeply engages all of your community members with technologies such as:


Social Media Framework
Membership & Group Management
Personal Workspaces
Mobile Device Support
Community Engagement Dashboard

Unify your technologies, applications and communities with the Future-Ready Technology EcosystemCentricity2 TM goes beyond community engagement, allowing you to unify your critical technologies and resources under one technology platform.With an Open API Framework integration with your current systems, data, and third-party applications is easy and seamless. It gives your students, teachers and parents single-sign-on access to the information, content, tools and people that are integral to activating your community and achieving new levels of student and district success. The Technology Ecosystem includes technologies such as:


Open API Framework
Turn-key Integrations
The Schoolwires App Builder
Developers Network

Why Schoolwires?

Over Ten Years of Success Delivering K-12 Specific Communication and Collaboration Technologies.
Schoolwires has over ten years of proven experience in serving the developing, delivering and supporting the leading website and community management platform for K-12Centricity2. Built to support and enhance 21st century teaching and learning, Centricity serves as the hub for on-line communication, collaboration, resource sharing, and learning at the state, district, school and classroom levels.

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction and Retention Of A Large Client Base For Ten Years.
Schoolwires currently serves and connect nearly 1200 districts and educational entities; over 6,000 schools; and over 6 million administrators, teachers, parents, students, and other community stakeholders in 47 states. Over one billion web sessions are served annually. We have achieved a customer retention rate of over 95% throughout the history of our company which speaks to the quality of the products and services we provide and our focus on customer satisfaction. Our retention rate is one of several reasons new customers trust their decision to partner with Schoolwires.

Proven Solutions That Work for All CustomersRegardless of Size, Complexity, or Geography.
Customers of all sizes, in rural and urban areas, are using the Schoolwires solutions to facilitate communication among all stakeholders in their educational community and to provide relevant services and content offered at the district, school, and/or classroom level. Over 10% of the 200 largest school districts in the nation are successfully using the Schoolwires website and community management platform. These districts include Oakland, Atlanta, Dallas, and Pittsburgh.

Strong, Long-Term Partnerships with Service Centers in Eight States.
Schoolwires has also successfully partnered with over 30 educational service agencies (ESAs) and intermediate units (IUs) that provide a wide range of services to the districts in their regions, including training and support for Schoolwires products. In these partnerships, Schoolwires trains and certifies ESA/IU staff to provide Schoolwires services and support to their member districts.

Success with Engaging Parents, Teachers, and Students in the Education Process.
Schoolwires solutions provide our customers with the ability to drive and measure usage of investments that have already been made in innovative technology-based curricula, intervention programs, and longitudinal data systemsinvestments that have already had a positive impact on student achievement. Using the Schoolwires Centricity platform and single sign on integration to these and other resources:

  • Teachers enhance their effectiveness in the classroom with seamless access to resources and data that inform lesson planning and their own professional development while putting the tools that best engage students directly in their hands.
  • Parents/guardians become more engaged in their childs learning by monitoring learning progress and having access to other learning resources outside of the classroom.
  • And students have access to a richer, technology-based individualized learning environment where collaboration with teachers and fellow classmates, as well as access to assignments and learning resources, help accelerate their learning.

Strong Track Record Providing Safe, Reliable and E-Rate Eligible Hosting Services at a Tier III Facility.
The majority of our customers use our E-Rate eligible web hosting services. Our Tier III hosting facility ensures 99.9% uptime with round-the-clock systems monitoring, redundant data protection, uninterruptible power supply, data recovery and backup, and connection to a high capacity 2 GB backbone to mitigate risks that impact availability.

On-Time, Within Budget Implementations In Over 1,000 Projects In All Ranges Of Complexity.
Schoolwires begins the engagement with each customer by aligning the customers strategic objectives with the project objectives and then agreeing on critical milestones. Working with our customer project lead and/or project team, our seasoned project managers develop and manage detailed project plans to ensure on-time, within budget implementations. The project plan includes the implementation of the technology; consulting engagements to determine branding, site content, and site design; training for state/district staff, teachers and administrators to drive adoption; development of requirements for integration and/or custom development; development of a communications plan and document/data repository for the project team; development of a communication plan for parents, teachers and students to help drive adoption; and development of a communication plan to keep stakeholders in the education community informed.

Commitment to Ongoing Collaboration and Learning Within and Among Our Large Client Community.
To provide ongoing opportunities for collaboration and learning within and among our customer base, Schoolwires offers both virtual and face-to-face educational and networking opportunities throughout the year such as webinars, workshops, user groups, and a national user conference. This gives the Schoolwires client community a chance to share their experiences in implementing the technologies and in driving adoption. As well, Schoolwires is given the opportunity to listen to any unmet needs of our customers. Customer experiences and feedback inform enhancements to our products and services.

Pricing Information:

SchoolWires is discounting its standard academic prices by 25% for this WLS Contract. They customize products and services to meet the unique needs of each district. Please contact Lucy Quinonez for pricing sheets.

This product was competitively bid.