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Contract Expiration Date: 11/20/2020

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Shmoop is a digital publishing company with "a point of view." We believe that education need not be an arduous Herculean set of labors—fun is not the enemy here. We present both a consistent voice and a distinctive product offering. Our materials balance a student-friendly, approachable style with academically rigorous materials to help students understand how subjects relate to their daily lives.

Since 2007, Shmoop has been providing educational content and services to students, teachers, schools, and districts around the world. On a monthly basis, we serve over 16 million users and build hundreds of new pieces of content. We own all of our content, on every device, around the world, in perpetuity. The company has been honored by many organizations, including The Association of Educational Publishers, Tech and Learning, and EdTech Digest.

With online courses, test prep, teacher materials, and response to intervention (RTI) tools, Shmoop provides a unique resource that is a force to be reckoned with on all levels.

  • Tone. Unlike the boring educational resources of yesteryear, Shmoop's resources really do "speak student" by relating materials to students’ lives and using language that facilitates learning instead of setting up roadblocks.
  • Standards. All of Shmoop’s content is aligned to Common Core State Standards and is tagged accordingly to make it clear which standards are being met.
  • Feedback. Shmoop meters, measures, and monitors the key moves that students make as they progress through Shmoop’s Courses. From the moment students become a part of our learning system, students and their teachers get feedback.
  • Assessments. Formative and summative assessments, quizzes and tests, projects and creative assignments—you name it and we have it.
  • Reporting. Shmoop’s analytics system allows teachers to easily identify skill gaps, administrators to find holes in their curriculum, and taxpayers to find a value proposition unmatched anywhere in professional education prep.
  • Teacher Relevance. We distinguish ourselves from competitors because we are the teacher’s friend. Teachers are strapped for resources—they need help. That’s where we come in. And we love to help.
  • Size of Site. With over 500,000 pieces of content, Shmoop allows students, teachers, and administrators the flexibility to create a personalized blended learning experience.
  • Experience. Shmoop serves over 16 million students and teachers each month and has worked with some of the largest and most complicated districts in the country.

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