New Providers

If you are interested in establishing a statewide agreement and receiving RFP invitations, complete a survey so that we may have information about you as a prospective WLS vendor.
WLS Solution/Product Procedures:
  1. The WLS reviews products and chooses categories of products of potential interest to districts. Based on demand, the WLS will periodically post Requests for Proposals for those categories of products.
  2. Your contact information will be added to an RFP invitee list once an RFP of your product category is issued.
  3. WLS does not always choose just one product per RFP. We are more interested in establishing a catalog of offerings that are suitable and needed by schools districts; therefore, we will often choose more than one product. Follow this link for more information about WLS’s RFPs.
  4. After an agreement is established, WLS will work with you to promote the product:
    • Create a web page on the WLS site
    • Create announcements to send to districts
    • Arrange demos of products before ESDs
    • Arrange training sessions if appropriate
    • Arrange webinars