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Contract Expiration Date: 6/12/2023

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Terri Gilbert
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Avigilon Control Center - Surveillance System

  1. Avigilon’s end-to-end high-definition surveillance solutions enhance the safety of your students, staff and campus property by delivering unprecedented image detail no other system can match.
  2. Advanced Analytics: ACC software combines an intuitive interface with advanced search functions called Avigilon Appearance Search video analytics technology and Unusual Motion Detection (UMD).  Avigilon Appearance Search technology and UMD are sophisticated deep learning artificial intelligence (AL) search engines that enable users to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest or identify motion anomalies across and entire site.
  3. Our components integrate easily with existing systems – including access control and alarm notifications – to boost their current capabilities, allowing for greater coverage and superior detail of student activity. Avigilon will help you prevent incidents and maintain the integrity of your school by providing the best evidence possible.
  4. Asset Protection: Avigilon’s high-definition solutions help you maintain a safe learning environment for your students and staff by reducing incidents of campus theft and violence.
  5. Resolve incidents faster: Avigilon’s simple and intuitive interface makes it easy for your security staff to quickly retrieve evidence, speed up response times and resolve incidents faster. Avigilon allows you to quickly search via pixel and/or thumbnail search. Any changes in an image will populate an event. This allows quick access to the video and knowledge when an event occurs.
  6. Make budgets go further: Avigilon systems deliver better coverage with fewer cameras rather than traditional systems, resulting in lower installation costs and fewer on-campus security personnel. Our Campus surveillance solutions will save you money and free up financial resources for other school needs. Avigilon does not have any annual software maintenance cost. All standard updates and camera firmware software updates are free.
  7. Easy-to-use software: Avigilon Control Center (ACC) is powerful and intuitive, with a simple interface requiring minimal training to use. You’ll spend less time getting security personnel up to speed, which means they’ll be more productive.
  8. Open platform: Avigilon Control Center’s open architecture gives you the ability to easily plug in components from your existing system. Connect seamlessly with building management or access control systems for a single point of control and a fully integrated system. Or integrate with mass notification systems to ensure real-time alarm messaging to all members of your security team.
  9. Monitor areas on the go: Our ACC Mobile application lets your staff connect to your Avigilon network remotely over any wireless connection on their Apple or Android device. Your staff will be able to monitor campus grounds and keep response times down, even while out in the field.
  10. Avigilon provides 24 hour, 365 day a year live phone technical support for end users.
  11. The Avigilon Cloud Services (ACS) platform enables a modern cloud-connected user experience, accessible from a web browser. It lays the foundation for Avigilon Control Center (ACC) customers to connect to the cloud and take advantage of capabilities and features that simplifies the management of physical security systems across multi-site facilities and distributed systems from anywhere. The platform provides for the delivery of system health monitoring and maintenance capabilities that helps you improve uptime and enhance productivity. Leverage powerful capabilities such as the ability to assess the operational state of cameras and servers from a central location and prioritize maintenance activities. And for a limited time, trial the ability to remotely push ACC™ software upgrades to your sites, with more remote maintenance capabilities available in the future.

Avgilon ACM - Access Control
Avigilon Access Control Manager is a browser-based solution that can integrate with existing IT/HR systems, minimizing the need for duplicate data entry.  It comes with a full set of standard features that not only help to maximize your time but will reliably safeguard your information.

  • Avigilon ACM is one of the easiest access control programs to use in the industry.
  • ACM uses Non-Propriety open field hardware. (Mercury)
  • ACM had no ongoing costs which will save the end user a lot of money over time.
  • ACM also has Wireless Locking solutions that you can add to the system.
  • Avigilon ACM has FREE 24 X 7 Technical Support
  • Avigilon ACM has no ongoing annual licensing costs like many of their competitors. This will save end users a great deal of money over the years.
  • Avigilon ACM is accessible from anywhere. 100% browser-based solution.
  • Secure Linux operating system. Using an open-source Linux platform provides and extra layer of security against network vulnerabilities. This can decrease system maintenance and eliminate the cost of operating system licenses and upgrade fees.

Additional features:

  • Feature: Collaborations between other data bases
  • Graphic Maps and floor plans
  • Video interface and verification
  • Wireless lock Integration
  • Intrusion panel integration
  • Mustering (emergency tracking and reporting
  • Global Anti-pass back
  • Global synchronization for access information
  • Open architecture (Open LDAP and Open field hardware)
  • Access, Video and Intrusion event and alarm management
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Ethernet Network and Transmission Products - ComNet Communication Networks
Since 2008, ComNet Communication Networks has become the recognized market leader in providing hardened fiber optic, copper, and wireless Ethernet products.  ComNet focuses on providing innovative communications networking solutions to many different markets. The product line consists of fiber optic video, data, and audio transmission products as well as a broad fiber optic, copper and wireless Ethernet product line, designed to the specific requirements for Access Control, Intrusion, Burglar and Fire Alarms and CCTV Surveillance/Incident Detection and the building automation market.

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Gamewell-FCI Fire Alarm

Gamewell-FCI, part of Honeywell Security and Fire, is a design and manufacturing leader in fire alarm control panels, life safety systems, voice evacuation systems, and mass notification systems. Designed for educational facilities, healthcare facilities, colleges and universities, manufacturing, commercial and industrial applications Gamewell-FCI protects people, property, and assets worldwide. In cooperation with a global network of Engineered Systems Distributors (ESD), Gamewell-FCI delivers cutting edge technology that meets worldwide approvals, listings and standards.

From building and installing the first municipal electric fire alarm system using telegraph wires in 1852 to developing self-programming, networked, and sophisticated voice evacuation systems, Gamewell-FCI’s history in rich in industry firsts and technological advances. Highlights of the Gamewell-FCI history include: 1800’s developed the first, practical fire alarm system using the telegraph system to pinpoint the location of and communicate a fire alarm (Master Box) and industry’s first small addressable fire alarm panel with color touchscreen display (S3).  Our products are available through an authorized network of factory trained independent Engineered System Distributors (ESDs). 

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Hirsch Identiv Physical Access Control
Identiv’s comprehensive campus security solutions provide:

  • One-click lock-down of campus facilities and triggers to initiate mass notification systems
  • Integrated systems for access control and video surveillance of buildings, labs, sports facilities, and more
  • Automated mass enrollment/de-enrollment for terms' beginning and end periods
  • Interoperability to main student/staff enrollment system so students/staff cards or PIN codes only get them into rooms and labs for classes in which they are enrolled
  • Multi-application campus card solutions for secure, coordinated delivery of services, from access control to vending and copier purchases
  • Server-based system with unlimited users
  • Unlimited card holders, facilities, doors, and users
  • Tracked changes by users
  • Segregation of who has visibility to facilities, doors, and users
  • Myriad reports (included with the software)
  • AES encryption (not easily hacked)
  • Standard software with access control, alarm monitoring, alarm and control graphics, photo badging, mapping, card development, and a variety of user-defined fields
  • Panels designed for reliability with 99.999% uptime stats
  • Compliance with the following standards: North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS), Transportation Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Role-based permission structure with no limits on the number of identified roles, allowing easy integrate with corporate HR Identity Management and Network Security Systems, including PeopleSoft, RDS Card Manager and others, so role-based assignments can be provisioned within the upstream system
  • Automation and response to threat level changes
  • Integration with Avigilon video surveillance system
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Vicon Video Surveillance

Vicon is a global leader in advanced security and surveillance technology to safeguard businesses, schools, municipalities, hospitals, and cities across the world. We specialize in providing end-to-end security solutions that are engineered to complete security solutions that simplify deployment, streamline operations, and reduce ongoing maintenance.

Why Vicon
With a renewed dedication to support and service, Vicon is working toward a single mission – to serve as a valued security technology partner to you, our customers, by making your jobs simpler and less stressful in every way we can.

Vicon’s expertise is the result of more than 50 years of customer experience and is delivered through a variety of industry experts who can precisely determine an organization’s security needs. Vicon’s commitment to customer success extends to dedicated development, strategy, support, and sales teams that work together to optimize results.

End-to-End Security Solutions
Vicon’s end-to-end security surveillance solutions deliver simple usability that is as impressive as their powerful capabilities, delivering high-performance, easy-to-deploy solutions. Vicon’s portfolio includes the full range of security solutions including Valerus, a powerful open platform browser-based VMS, VAX, a cutting-edge access control solution, and a broad range of IP network and analog security cameras for any environment.

Providing a complete and integrated product strategy means having innovative products at every layer of the security solutions stack—and within each layer—engineering them to work together seamlessly. With Vicon’s high-performance security products that stand alone or work together, you can get the best fit for any organization by choosing fully integrated solutions with robust capabilities. Our solutions are each powerful in their own right, but together they’ll bring your security system to the next level.

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