Advanced Classroom Technologies


Contract Number: WLS309

Contract Expiration Date: 5/30/2025

Bob Berry
VP of Sales
Phone: 360-658-5200
Product Description:
Advanced Classroom Technologies services ensure that technology implementation projects are done correctly and fully. Our project management services allow district leaders to feel confident that every step of the installation and commissioning process is being handled. We warehouse to protect district warehouse space and then deliver product to the site when they are needed. We install at the highest standards of the National Electrical Code to ensure that all installations are done safely and properly.  We install over swing shifts and evenings and clean the spaces to leave it ready for a teacher the next morning. We manage the commissioning and enrollment process so that devices can be managed remotely to protect technology leaders’ valuable time.  
We provide professional development resources who understand how to use these tools in the classroom and help other teachers harness their power to drive digital access. We help teachers be more comfortable with the tools they’re using and reduce the burden Technology Teams in supporting teachers. 
ACT believes that the technology we provide is essential in the classroom. When those teaching tools do not function to a teacher’s expectations, that teacher’s trust in the tools is breached. It is essential that the classroom is back to fully functioning as quickly as possible so teachers can continue teaching effectively. All of this is designed to create a more equitable, engaging, reliable, and effective classroom. 
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