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Contract Expiration Date: 5/30/2025

Rulon Crum
Sr. Regional Sales Representative
Phone: 801-913-2321
Product Description:
Audio Enhancement provides customizable solutions to support learning inside and outside the classroom. These solutions include classroom audio, cameras, safety alerts, and school-wide communication. Classroom audio provides a teacher microphone, distributing the teacher’s voice to all students. The microphone includes alert buttons for emergencies, quickly notifying office staff of urgent situations. Classroom cameras provide teachers a way to record or livestream lessons for remote and blended learning models. Videos can be uploaded to an LMS or downloaded and delivered to students. Intercom, paging, and bells systems are fully customizable, giving schools freedom to update and adjust as needed.
For 45 years, Audio Enhancement has created and delivered research-driven solutions to complex education problems in classrooms around the world.
Classroom Audio
With solutions to distribute sound and provide hands-free instruction, Audio Enhancement’s Audio Solutions give classrooms and teachers a robust system that can be customized to fit specific needs. Wireless microphones provide hands free instruction and boost student confidence to speak up and participate in class. Revolutionary audio technology distributes sound throughout the classroom to amplifiers and speakers. Powerful sound technology helps students hear anywhere in the classroom and supports dynamic multimedia lessons.
EPIC System
EPIC (Education Paging & Intercom Communications) System™ gives administrative staff control of bells, paging, intercom and alert notification systems throughout the school. The EPIC System Console includes a Touchscreen Monitor with all the necessary tools for managing schoolwide communication.
SAFE System
An increasingly important priority in education is an extra level of safety and assurance for schools, classrooms, and the people in them. SAFE (Signal Alert For Education) System™ from Audio Enhancement, Inc. connects teachers and classrooms to first responders for quick response and communication. This revolutionary system relays urgent information about incidents for just-in-time help and safety. Classroom microphones and alert buttons help teachers discreetly notify the right people at the right time of a potential incident or accident. Now incorporating XD Technology, alerts can be sent from areas outside the classroom, like hallways, gymnasiums, cafeterias, and even outside.
An innovative classroom camera setup to record, store, and deliver lessons. VIEWpath® (Video Interactive Education Window) gives teachers the ability to record, collaborate, and share their lessons.  Through teacher-controlled cameras and recordings, teachers can become more innovative practitioners and hone their craft through self and peer reflections.  Utilizing cameras, teachers can provide digital learning opportunities anytime, anywhere.  
The four cornerstone Audio Enhancement solutions listed above (Classroom Audio, EPIC Intercom, Paging and Bells, the SAFE System and VIEWPath) are all designed and built as a completely integrated solution.  In addition to these four solutions working together seamlessly, they are also designed to integrate with other third-party systems (classroom displays, access control systems, fire alarms, etc.).      

It is recommended customers work with the regional sales representative listed above. Additioanl options for submitting quotes/orders/PO’s are provided here. Requests for quotes, or design of the EPIC System, SAFE System, or VIEWpath Solution require a minimum of one week to prepare.

Quotes provided to the customer from Audio Enhancement will include all applicable services, freight, and tax, unless otherwise noted on the Quote document.  Any initial annual licensing will be quoted to the end user. Any subsequent annual licensing or renewals can be quoted directly between Audio Enhancement and the end user.
Tax Exemptions – If the public agency/customer is tax exempt, a tax exemption certificate will be required by Audio Enhancement in order to exclude applicable taxes from quotes, or orders.
Purchase Orders - Customer sends all Purchase Orders to  Purchase Order must include the following:
  • Each Product identified by Audio Enhancement part # and product description.
  • The quantity of each item being ordered.
  • The unit price of each item being ordered.
  • Accurate location for delivery.
  • Audio Enhancement Quote, or Quote # Provided.
  • The requested delivery date, allowing reasonable time for Audio Enhancement to receive, review, process the Purchase Order, and ship the Products

Tracking - Audio Enhancement will service all 50 states, U.S. Territories and Outlying Areas.  Once the order is received Audio Enhancements inventory availability will be verified and allocated. Order is confirmed and customer is sent a proforma invoice. If items are out of stock, or on back-order customer will be advised of replacement options or re-stock date. Order is released to the shipping team for fulfillment. Order is prepped for shipment and best shipping method is determined based on the customer’s requests, deadlines, and best rate. Customer is provided a tracking number when available. Once payment is received items are shipped and customer is notified of delivery date.

Returns - A customer may return equipment to Audio Enhancement in new or like new condition for a full credit, within 30 days of the original invoice date. All returns must be accompanied by an RMA number issued by Audio Enhancement. To obtain an RMA number the customer will need to call 800-383-9362 and request one be issued. A 10% restocking fee will apply to all returns. If the return is a result of an error of Audio Enhancement’s, no additional shipping charges will be charged to the customer.  

Damaged equipment, or equipment not in “like new” condition will not be accepted. Items returned later than 30 days after invoice date will not receive full credit and may not be accepted.

For product/service pricing, please reach out to this solution provider with the contact information given at the top of this page.

These products were competitively bid.
Government Customers can find the RFP documents on Washington’s Electronic Business Solutions (WEBS) website.