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Contract Expiration Date: 8/9/2024

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Product Description:
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Avigilon Unity On-Premise Video Surveillance Solution
Avigilon Unity American made cameras provide the highest level of image detail with next generation analytics that will provide a proactive approach to safety and security on campus.
  • Avigilon Unity (formally ACC) is the latest and most advanced on-premise video management software platform. It provides AI technology aiding the end user to identify events before they become critical.
  • Saving hours of critical staff video review time, the focus of attention, object detection, and appearance search AI features identify events and specific details of objects and people reducing event review time to what can be minutes instead of hours.
Avigilon Alta Cloud Based Video Surveillance Solution
Alta’s cloud-based video surveillance solution brings full AI video analytics and operational insights to existing cameras and systems.
  • Provides affordable solutions to districts that want to upgrade their video surveillance systems but do not have the budget to upgrade all at once.
  • This is made possible with cloud connectors which bring AI and integrating existing IP cameras into the highly flexible, user-friendly software platform.
  • Avigilon Alta is a leading class high resolution system providing the end user a highly detailed image allowing for a pro-active approach to safety and security on campus with its high level built-in AI.                
Avigilon Unity On-Premise Access Control Solution
  •  Avigilon Unity, (formally ACM) is an excellent on-premise access control solution which utilizes universal Mercury hardware, giving the end user flexibility and saving on the necessity of future large hardware upgrades.
  • Unity can be fully integrated with Avigilon Unity on-premise video surveillance for a seamless and powerful on premise solution.
  • Unification and integration of Unity video surveillance and Unity access control is a great solution and it can be integrated with LDAP as well for a complete solution providing for the complexity of school campus management in one pane of glass.
Avigilon Alta Cloud Based Access Control Solution
This complete cloud-based access control system is fast, flexible and future-proof with reliable mobile capabilities and intuitive access control software.
  • School districts can save by switching to and utilizing mobile credentials instead of conventional access control cards and FOBs.
  • Utilizing mobile credentials and the software can also help response time utilizing critical lock down features available on smart phones.
  • Provides an excellent cost-saving solution with a powerful software package that is extremely user friendly.


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Notifier Fire Alarm and Mass Notification Systems
Notifier is the leader in fire alarm and mass notification systems.
The notifier Inspire is:
  • A fully networkable life safety system designed to scale up with any installation, minimize the needs for equipment changes, and provide secure connectivity with industry compliance.
  • This scalable, single panel solution is now easier to install, simpler to use, and can notably enhance technician efficiency.
Notifier Self-Test detectors:
  • The first UL-approved detectors that can be tested automatically.
  • Notifiers self-testing detectors connect with the NOTIFIER INSPIRE™ panel and Honeywell’s CLSS gateway to enable remote testing, meaning each device can be tested at the touch of a button, removing the need for full access to difficult or occupied spaces and drastically reducing the time it takes to conduct a thorough inspection. 
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Silent Knight Fire Alarm and Mass Notification Systems
As part of Honeywell Fire, Silent Knight is a leader in the fire alarm industry.
  • Silent Knight is a value-based system with a full feature set designed for small to medium sized applications.
  • It has been a reliable solution for decades and continues to be an industry leader.



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Rath Communications Area of Rescue Systems
  • With over three decades connecting and protecting people, RATH® is known as one of the most reliable and respected providers of emergency products and systems.
  • Their emergency communication product lines are designed to meet industry specific codes.
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Aiphone Communications Intercom Systems
  • Aiphone’s award-winning intercom systems provide audio and video communication between locations at specific points within a building, across a campus, or throughout an entire district.
  • The presence of a reliable intercom system, especially when it is integrated with other security equipment, provides effective security measures to keep students safe, to keep staff informed, and to help maintain quick security response times.
  • Aiphone is the industry’s go to solution with its simplicity, reliability and affordability.   

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