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Contract Number: WLS291

Contract Expiration: 8/10/2023

Jennifer Milliner
Assessment Solutions Consultant
Phone: 317-469-1107

Norma Godina-Silva, Ph.D.
EL Business Solutions Consultant
Phone: 915-422-5970

Product Description:

Aligned to the WIDA Standards and delivered via the same online platform as the WIDA Access (DRC’s INSIGHT), LAS Links® Online can be used to monitor student progress in acquiring English language skills throughout the school year in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.  This powerful research-based assessment allows teachers to target areas of student language deficiencies and build upon areas of strength. The platform enables educators to understand the progress of students as they move through the stages of language acquisition, from grades preK–12. LAS Links Español may also be used to monitor the language progress of students in your Dual Language program.

With LAS Links you can:

  • Meet the requirements put forth in WIDA’s guidance for Choosing an Interim Assessment: Guidelines for Stakeholders.  Click HERE to see how LAS Links meets all of the requirements.  More detailed and in-depth information regarding how LAS Links meets each requirement is available upon request.
  • Utilize the LAS Links and WIDA standards alignment along with student performance data on LAS Links to pinpoint areas of student strengths and weaknesses well before Access testing, allowing for targeted and meaningful instruction for each student.
  • Generate student language proficiency reports as well as student academic language scores in Math, Science, Technical Subjects, Social Studies, History, and Language Arts, including longitudinal reporting between grades and year-over-year.
  • Support the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS), WIDA, and ACTFL standards by bridging the gap between language proficiency and academic success.
  • Access On-Demand reporting to share student results in a timely manner with stakeholders in order to provide meaningful instruction.
  • Score locally or utilize DRC’s complete online scoring services which includes scoring of Speaking, Reading and Writing constructed/recorded responses.
  • Utilize DRC INSIGHT™, the industry’s most reliable online testing system. LAS Links Online, powered by DRC INSIGHT is a secure, web-based platform that delivered more than 42 million educational assessments year-over-year to nearly every state in the nation.

*If you already utilize INSIGHT for Access testing, click HERE to see how simple it is to add LAS Links to your existing configuration.

Watch these short videos to learn more:

Video: preLAS Online (3:16)
Video: LAS Links Online: Leading the Way in Language Assessment (4:54)
Video: Learning Recovery with LAS Links (5:25)
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