Contract Number: WLS308

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Contract Expiration Date: 7/27/2023 

Bill Fray
Sales Director
Phone: 407-463-5117
Product Description:
Built by government, for government, DebtBook empowers educational districts, higher education, and local governments to manage and track debt and leases and automatically generate year-end financial reports following the latest accounting standards, such as GASB-87 and 96. And with the full flexibility of a highly collaborative, cloud-based environment, it’s the perfect tool to align your internal finance team and external partners.
In addition to leveraging the latest technologies and 80+ years of industry experience, DebtBook:
  • Improves the effectiveness of educational programs
  • Builds networks and partnerships among districts and other agencies
  • Is committed to supporting WLS and their members in reaching personal and organizational success
  • Provides in-depth training of our application
  • Is graphically stunning, which increases professional/client interest and engagement
  • DebtBook's Implementation team introduces core concepts to our clients and follows up with more in-depth coverage of key topics through webinars

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