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Contract Expiration Date: 7/27/2024 

Bill Fray
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Phone: 407-463-5117
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Product Description:
DebtBook empowers finance and accounting teams throughout Washington State’s school districts to manage their debt, leases, and subscriptions in the cloud, allowing them to drive efficiency, collaboration, and transparency within their organizations. Built by and for the public sector, DebtBook’s modern, powerful platform simplifies debt, lease, and subscription management, ongoing compliance, and financial reporting.
With DebtBook, you can:
  • Organize all of your debt, leases, and subscriptions into one easy-to-use, cloud-based platform 
  • Easily comply with the latest accounting standards, including GASB 87 and GASB 96 
  • Reduce the time it takes to prepare for year-end audit with automated reporting tools
  • Collaborate seamlessly across departments and with your outside professionals
  • Select the implementation option that best suits your organization's needs and have access to world class support
  • Access in-depth training through webinars and on-demand courses in DebtBook University
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