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Product Description:
Degrees of Reading Power® (DRP®)
Degrees of Reading Power (DRP)is a quick, simple measure of literacy skills, meant to measure a student’s comprehension of text passages. While many other assessments test reading “skills,” like phonetics, vocabulary, and mastery of sentence structure,DRP measures a student’s overall ability to comprehend and critically absorb passages of text. DRP scores are precise, reliable indicators
of student reading comprehension. On a scale from1-100, DRP scores are aligned to grade level entry and exit levels, so educators can use it as a screener, progress monitor, and end-of-grade growth measure.


Degrees of Math Power (DMP)
Powered by ELA, the assessments of the Degrees of Math Power (DMP) are holistic measures designed to assess a student’s progression through one of 11 mathematical domains (i.e. Geometry, Statistics and Probability, Addition/Subtraction, Fractions, etc.). Each assessment is written with a sequence of questions that cover standards from several grade levels, ordered by grade level and level of difficulty. Results place a student’s progress along a continuum which provide teachers with a measure of a child’s mathematical instructional level, regardless of current grade. These assessments can be used as pretests before a unit or to highlight students who might need extra remediation or acceleration in a given domain.


Readiness Assessments
These assessments are designed to assist teachers in understanding where gaps exist in foundational skills needed for success in the current grade. Available for ELA grades 1 – 9 and Math grades 1 – 8, Algebra, and Geometry, they consist of only multiple-choice questions. All exams are short enough to be administered within one class period. Skills are presented in an order which corresponds with a normal curriculum sequence, such that important skills normally presented after state testing are last on the test. This will allow students who had trouble with the remote learning platform to move through the first part of the assessment without frustration.


Customized Assessment Solutions
Creating valid and reliable assessments is complex and time intensive and we provide a customized approach to assessment development. We will assist schools to develop their own assessments to address their unique needs or create assessments from the EVI test item bank. EVI offers a variety of question types such as multiple choice, true or false, short answer, extended response or matching questions. Through our comprehensive systems, we are able to support the development, administration, scoring and analysis of all assessment types.


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