IXL Math

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Contract Expiration Date: 1/24/2023

Andrea Welch
Educational Sales Consultant
Phone: 253-260-3207
Email: andreaw@ixl.com
Product Description:
IXL makes personalized learning possible.
IXL is built on four key components that work together seamlessly and give teachers everything
they need to differentiate instruction and help students grow.
IXL Comprehensive Curriculum
Comprehensive Curriculum: Rigorous math content aligned to WA standards
  • IXL Math provides in-depth content to help students master complex topics and take charge of their learning from PreK through Calculus.
  • We also have custom-built skills to match Washington math state standards and textbooks, making it easy for your schools to incorporate IXL into their curriculum.


IXL Actionable Analytics

Actionable Analytics: Powerful data to support decision-making

  • IXL Analytics is an essential daily tool that helps teachers deliver data-driven instruction, use their limited class time more effectively, and respond to individual needs quicker.
  • For administrators, IXL District Analytics and IXL School Analytics uncover insights that help you track student progress and teacher engagement, so you can improve IXL’s impact on your district.


IXL Real-Time Diagnostics

Real-Time Diagnostic: Assessment data, anytime you need it

  • IXL’s Real-Time Diagnostic can be used for district- or school-wide benchmarking or throughout the year as an instructional diagnostic.
  • IXL’s diagnostic pinpoints students’ grade-level proficiency on key math and language arts strands in just 45 minutes per subject.


Personalized Guidance: Targeted action plan for each student

IXL Personalized Guidance
  • IXL uses insights from a student’s work in the curriculum and Real-Time Diagnostic to generate specific skill recommendations.
  • This provides a personalized pathway for remediation and enrichment, while giving teachers flexibility to make choices about what students work on.
We at IXL believe students should be empowered to take ownership of their learning and achieve mastery at their own pace. It’s designed to also be the perfect complement for your competency-based education model.
In-the-moment support for independent learning
  • IXL’s instructional resources, (e.g. video tutorials), empower students to learn independently, whether they’re solidifying their knowledge or tackling brand-new concepts.
  • We also have built-in Spanish translation for key math skills from PreK through Geometry, allowing students to succeed in math while simultaneously building their English proficiency.
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