Magma Math

Contract Number: WLS300


Contract Expiration Date: 1/24/2025

Henrik Appert
Phone: 425-247-0628
Product Description:
Magma Math works on all operating systems – iOS, Android and Windows – and on all devices – Chromebooks, laptops, desktops, smartphones, iPads and Android/Windows tablets.
Magma Math is a digital math platform leveraging handwriting recognition technology that allows students to show their work the same way they would with pencil and paper. The platform enables teachers to apply best practices for mathematical instruction, reduces the amount of time spent on lesson planning, and allows teachers to focus on providing
differentiated support based on real-time, qualitative and quantitative data.
Creating assignments is simple and intuitive. Teachers can design lessons, formative assessments, and activities from a library of over 40,000 standards-aligned problems for K-12 math, as well as create their own problems. With Magma Math, ALL students are empowered to see themselves as doers of mathematics. Students get to work through rich problem-solving tasks with multiple entry points deepening their conceptual understanding. By promoting reasoning, discourse, and making room for everyone to engage and build math confidence, Magma Math also makes math fun and alive, revolutionizing the mathematical journey of each and every student.
Teachers can use their own content or select problems from our standards-aligned curriculum
Math as a Verb
Magma Math’s student interface creates opportunities for students to express themselves mathematically (show their work!), and experience math as a creative subject. Students receive immediate feedback, giving them autonomy as learners.
Promote Math Discourse
Magma Math encourages students to listen to one another and provides space for all students to be seen as experts, making Magma classrooms centered around joy, collaboration, and productive struggle.
All student work is collected, so that you can provide differentiated support and facilitate student-centered discussions
Increase Mathematical Confidence
93% of Americans experience some level of math anxiety. By anonymizing students' work, Magma Math can help increase participation in mathematical discourse. Making math fun, alive, and debatable makes room for everyone to engage and build math confidence.
Student work can be anonymized, lowering math anxiety and providing a safe space for all learners to share rough draft thinking
Grow Your Teaching Practice
Magma Math enables educators to provide differentiated support for each and every student using qualitative and quantitative data available at their fingertips in real-time. With best practice, research-based mathematical instruction, and automatic grading teachers can refocus their time to facilitate deeper math learning, promote mathematics as a living practice, and center students' voices in every lesson.
Remote learning made easy
Magma Math enables educators to distribute assignments, follow students’ work and learnings progress, and support students in real-time regardless of students being in the classroom or working remotely. 


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