Contract Number: WLS301


Contract Expiration Date: 1/24/2025

Jonathan Templin
Head of Sale - North America
Phone: 866-411-5811 x 7
Product Description:
With Mathspace, students can immerse themselves in the world of mathematics by engaging with interactive content and exploring new ideas.
Our program is designed with entry points and differentiated support for all learners. There are thousands of practice questions, instructional videos, and personalized recommendations for students at their level of understanding.
Mathspace is unique in that students can get support at every step of mathematical thinking. Whether in class or at home, students can always access the right help at the right time.
Our comprehensive Common Core state standards-aligned curriculum for grades three through precalculus makes it easy for teachers to assign tasks with the click of a button. We automatically mark students’ thinking at each step, so teachers can quickly gather data insights to inform instruction at any time.  
In addition, Mathspace offers a continuous assessment tool that includes diagnostic and formative skills check-ins for students. These unobtrusive check-ins monitor student growth and identify gaps in understanding in as little as ten minutes per week. Students receive personalized recommendations and are empowered to be self-directed learners.
We love numbers, so here are some interesting Mathspace numbers for you!
• 14,000+ videos created by math teachers
• 60,000+ interactive lessons and questions
• 200,000+ step-by-step hints to support students


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