McGraw Hill ALEKS

Contract Number: WLS302


Contract Expiration Date: 1/24/2023

Heidi Anderson
Regional Director
Phone: 971-380-0174

Product Description:
ALEKS, is a web-based, artificially-intelligent (AI) assessment and learning mathematics system for students in grades 3–12. The unique and proprietary ALEKS artificial intelligence (AI) is the main feature that sets ALEKS course products apart from other “adaptive” technologies.
•Research-Based Program, Derived from Learning Space Theory
•Standards-Based Instruction for the Common Core and WA State Standards
•Dynamic Data at the Student, Class, School, and District Levels
•Flexible Implementation –   Core, Supplement, Intervention, and More
The ALEKS AI maps the detail of each student’s knowledge, which enables the program to modify the learning process, at each moment, based on what a student knows, does not know, and, most importantly, is ready to learn.  ALEKS creates personalized learning paths by presenting only a student’s Ready to Learn Topics, and therefore, adapts to each student’s precise educational needs. As a student works in ALEKS, the AI continuously updates and optimizes its understanding of the student’s knowledge and adjusts the student’s learning paths accordingly. This highly-differentiated approach enables tremendous learning momentum and builds student confidence in math:
•Individualized assessment and learning for grades 3–12
•Adaptive environment avoids multiple-choice questions
•Detailed progress monitoring on student mastery of state standards
•Fully bilingual courses available in English and Spanish
•Quick Tables – math fact mastery program
ALEKS delivers a powerful cycle of targeted learning and assessment, using standards-based content. This highly personalized system creates a unique learning experience for each student. ALEKS courses are standards-based and are correlated to and integrated with WA State Standards.
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