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Product Description:
Navigate360 is the premiere provider of safety solutions for schools, leading to enhanced student wellbeing. With more than 20 years’ experience, our multifaceted, layered approach—providing everything from curricula that support positive behavior and self-image to campus physical safety and personnel training—is focused on creating safe and supportive school environments where children can thrive.  
We deliver school safety and wellness solutions that work better together. Whether you need one or need them all, Navigate360 can meet you where you are. Our integrated and complementary suite makes it easy to design, manage, and support solutions customized to meet your specific needs and budget.  
Navigate360 safety management and preparedness, school climate and culture, and threat detection and prevention solutions are designed to help you maintain a safe school climate, prepare for emergencies and stay ahead of safety threats.  
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School Climate & Culture 

Navigate360’s school culture and climate solutions improve student behavioral outcomes, enhance school climate, and ensure everyone—from students to staff to parents—is equipped to have smart conversations when they matter most.  
Suite360 Social Emotional Learning. The Suite360 portfolio consists of 5 programs addressing the needs of students, staff, and families.  
  • Suite360 for Students: Suite360 for Students is a comprehensive curriculum for social-emotional learning that empowers students to achieve mental wellbeing, with lessons that are sequenced, CASEL-aligned and delivered in a blended learning format.
  • Suite360 for Staff: Includes lessons that align directly with Suite360 for Students, empower educators and school staff to learn and care for their own social-emotional needs and mental health, and offer embedded professional learning.
  • Suite360 for Families: On-demand, web-based lessons that equip families to have smart conversations with their children. Family lessons are aligned with student lessons to reinforce concepts & ensure a consistent message.
  • Behavior Intervention: An alternative to punitive measures (suspension) that turn challenging and disruptive behaviors into learning opportunities. Our program has three tiers of instruction and covers 200 types of infractions for K-12 students.
  • Mental Health Awareness: Offer support for students, teachers and families of students in grades K-12 as they address tough mental health topics facing today’s youth.
  • PBIS Rewards: PBIS Rewards is an automated schoolwide PBIS management system that simplifies the implementation and tracking of the PBIS framework within a school. With PBIS Rewards, school administration can clearly see how teachers are utilizing PBIS and how PBIS is improving school culture. 


Safety Management & Preparedness

Navigate360’s safety management and preparedness solutions help school and district leaders assess risk, keep facilities safe, build and manage emergency plans, and train staff and students to respond with confidence during a critical incident.  

Emergency Management Suite. Emergency Management Suite (EMS) is an all-in-one platform of tools and resources that simplify the arduous task of K-12 emergency planning and management. EMS gives officials the ability to stay in control for drills, active incidents and reunification by keeping vital teams apprised through a centralized, cloud-based user experience.  
  • Panic Alert Buttons Powered by 911Cellular Technologies. Panic Alert Button Solution provides layers of protection through a comprehensive approach to school safety for students and staff. The Alyssa’s Lawcompliant buttons provide immediate access to first responders via the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in the event of a critical incident.
  • Site Mapping. Site mapping service not only maps every part of a school building from the rooms to the locations of lifesaving equipment; it also creates 360° views of each room, including storage and common areas. Site maps can be shared and accessed by first responders during an emergency to give them a clear direction of key infrastructure points and safety equipment.  

Visitor & Volunteer Management System. Visitor & Volunteer Management System increases security and reduces front-office workload with a frictionless, flexible and fully integrated platform. Keep students and staff safe by securely and discreetly vetting each visitor with a hardware-light system that provides total oversight of every person on campus.  

Risk Assessment. Risk assessments are an essential part of maintaining compliance and reducing security risks. Navigate360 risk assessments identify gaps in safety and put school leaders in a position to proactively create a culture of safety for students and staff. Navigate360’s risk assessors are ASIS Physical Security Professional® (PSP)-certified experts.  

Navigate360 Training Institute. Navigate360 Training Institute is an evolving ecosystem of on-demand safety preparedness courses. Our expertly curated, engaging eLearning keeps students and staff protected and schools prepared with courses on Personal Safety Skills, Wellness, and Safety & Emergencies.  


Threat Assessment & Prevention.  

Navigate360’s threat assessment and prevention solutions help districts identify and manage threats of harm to self or others through a comprehensive, proactive approach to violence prevention.  

Behavioral Threat Assessment & Suicide Case Manager. Behavioral Threat Assessment & Suicide Case Manager is an all-encompassing violence prevention technology that provides a convenient, comprehensive solution for evaluating incidents early, enhancing threat prevention and improving positive outcomes for students of concern. 

Behavioral Threat Assessment Training (CSTAG | NTAC). Developed in partnership with leading threat assessment experts, this training is designed to help districts consistently identify, screen, and assess threats and negative behavior among students. Threat assessment training includes the Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines (CSTAG) and the National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC).  

Detect Digital Scanning & Notification. Detect Digital Scanning monitors public and school-owned media for leakage (warnings that may signal the research, planning, and implementation of an act of violence or harm) and troubling behavior among students. Our software searches among 25 subtopics including suicide, violence, mental health, bullying, racial harassment and food insecurity.  

Filter: Web & Device Filtering. Students today have nearly unlimited access to the wealth of information online. While this access provides unprecedented learning opportunities, it has its risks. Navigate360 Filter provides the right technology to help schools’ digital safety leaders meet the demands of today’s online challenges and eliminate risks.  

P3 Anonymous Tip Reporting. Providing students with a safe way to anonymously report problems and concerns can be a powerful tool for threat assessment experts and other school professionals looking to gain insight into potential problems. P3 Anonymous Tip Reporting allows students, teachers and other school personnel to share information proactively and anonymously. 

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