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Contract Number: WLS318

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Contract Expiration Date: 7/10/2024
Sean O'Toole
K-12 Regional Sales Manager - Northwest Region
Phone: 206-856-6639
Product Description:

Newline Interactive is a manufacturer of award-winning interactive displays, intuitive software, and other interactive innovations that are easy to use and increase student engagement in the classroom. We are THE choice for schools looking for increased productivity and simpler solutions to help them succeed.

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Since 2013, Newline’s interactive solutions have made it easier than ever to keep students engaged with tools designed for better collaboration and more ways to learn. Newline Interactive has worked with over a thousand school districts across the country, and has sold 24% of all interactive flat panels across the globe since 2014.

At Newline Interactive, we have carefully crafted our team of experts to bring school districts in the state of Washington a successful training program that empowers teachers to make the most out of the tools made available to them. Our team of professionals have experience in training school districts across the country with a variety of needs. Combined, they cover the following areas of training implementation:

  • Professional Development
  • Technical Support
  • Product Management
  • Executive Leadership

Their many years of experience and dedication to the school districts they work with make them the right team to help Washington school districts achieve their goals of improved student engagement and more blended learning. We want to make sure that the Northwest Region is as good or better with technology implementation in their classrooms.

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