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Power literacy growth with Star Reading and Freckle ELA

Teachers are tasked with supporting students who are working at different levels. That requires working with smaller groups to help personalize instruction, along with identifying and providing ideal content at varying levels for students. Renaissance’s Star Reading and Freckle ELA solution balances the needs for both student-agency and teacher-paced learning.

Students can choose to work independently at their level or on assigned work, while teachers can choose to integrate lesson opportunities or assign specific adaptive or targeted practice to embed concepts. To support instructional planning, each unit includes teacher guides, videos, articles, explorations, and vocabulary lists.

How it works

Following a computer-adaptive Star Reading assessment, the resulting data automatically places students within Freckle ELA at their appropriate-level of adaptive practice. Practice in Freckle ELA adjusts as students grow and learn to give students the perfect content for the level at which they are currently working while filling any gaps in their learning. This ensures no student gets bored or left behind.

Star Reading is a valid, reliable assessments for reading, available in both English and Spanish. Trusted by over tens of thousands of schools and highly rated by the National Center on Intensive Intervention, Star Reading enable educators to quickly gain accurate insights into student learning, growth, and achievement—so they can help all learners reach their full potential. Star Reading measures a student’s understanding of vocabulary, ability to comprehend texts, and ability to analyze, understand, and evaluate literary and informational texts. It is normed for grades K–12.

Freckle ELA has a fully developed adaptable pathway that adjusts up as students answer problems correctly and down when students answer problems incorrectly. Freckle ELA’s pathway adapts the entire span of when the standard is first included to when the standard is expected to be mastered. This fully adaptive pathway means regardless of student proficiency, each student will be provided a skills entry point. Additionally, students will be provided opportunities to master the standard even if that standard is expected to be mastered above grade level.

Freckle ELA offers teachers the opportunity to assign reading practice for students that builds comprehension, grows vocabulary, and sharpens reading strategies. Freckle ELA will provide students with adaptive ELA skills practice (grades 1–8) and reading practice (K–12), as well as a variety of other ELA practice features for young students and teacher-assignable benchmark assessments.

Connect students to rich online literacy practice resources

The platform offers more than 1,000 fiction and nonfiction articles. Articles adapt to each student’s current reading level and include questions to support reading comprehension. Word Study focuses students with practice recognizing word patterns to build and reinforce spelling, reading, and writing skills.

A robust set of easy-to-use reports for Freckle ELA quickly lets teachers see how students are performing across standards and skills. With that information in hand, teachers can issue assignments on specific standards and monitor student progress toward completion, accuracy, and growth.

Freckle ELA engages and challenges students at their levels to:

  • Practice: Students may select articles or complete teacher-assigned units
  • Personalize: Rapid practice mode and word study reinforce anchor skills
  • Monitor: Reports give a holistic view of group, class, and student performance.
  • Motivate: Accolades make practice fun, motivating, and productive



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