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Victor Karkar
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Scrible Edu Pro is a Web application (cloud-based software) that supports 21st century close reading, research and writing skills for students with the most advanced online annotation, research and writing tools. It lets students curate, annotate, manage and collaborate on articles in the cloud. It supports writing with citation capture, bibliography and outline editors and Google Docs and Microsoft Word integration. Students use robust tools to scaffold and organize their work in one place instead of using multiple apps.

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For educators, Scrible Edu Pro offers class structure, assignments and analytics. Analytics provide unprecedented visibility into students' research and writing progress in real-time, allowing educators to see which students are struggling and where they're stuck. Scrible also centralizes student work and makes it accessible in one place online, enabling teachers and librarians to provide real-time formative feedback. This enables personalized instruction and intervention for close reading, research and writing.

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Partnered with Google and Microsoft, Scrible integrates deeply with G Suite and Office applications widely used in classrooms, including Google Chrome, Docs, Drive and Classroom and Microsoft Edge, Word, OneDrive and School Data Sync. Scrible also offers single sign-on (SSO), roster sync and other integrations with widely used ed tech platforms, including Schoology, ClassLink, Clever and Canvas. 

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Scrible Edu Pro is ideal for Personalized Learning (PL), Project Based Learning (PBL), Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) and Remote and Hybrid Learning. See the Scrible product demo and teacher testimonial here:

Pandemic Support:

In the COVID chaos of spring 2020, many teachers abandoned plans to have students work on papers and projects. It was logistically hard to manage the research and writing process remotely. Historically, teachers and librarians met with students in-person to provide feedback on their research (e.g. articles, annotations, citations) and writing (e.g. outlines, drafts, bibliographies). The pandemic complicates that. Now, Scrible centralizes all student research and writing work online and makes it available to educators from anywhere. Teachers and librarians can access student work remotely to assess it and provide feedback asynchronously, eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings. See this intro/overview message to hear how Scribe fills a gap for distance learning:

Research and Writing Skills Crisis:

Scrible is the most advanced platform ever built to tackle the massive research and writing skills crisis undermining students’ college and career readiness. A Pew Research Center study found that 60%+ of American secondary students struggle with research (e.g., using multiple sources to make an argument and assessing the quality of online information). The Carnegie Corporation reports that only 25% of 12th graders are proficient writers and 50% of high school grads aren’t ready for college writing. 

Why is this? Research and writing is hard to do, teach and track. It’s very process-intensive. Students, teachers and librarians historically cobble together 3+ apps and paper methods to manage the process (e.g. curating research, annotating it, citing it). This makes it hard to stay organized and track student work that’s siloed in multiple places. Also, much of the work is done at home and over long periods (days, weeks, months), making it hard to provide timely feedback. The process-intensive nature of teaching writing also deters teachers from assigning the kind of authentic argumentative writing expected of students in college. A 2015 study of middle schools by the Education Trust found that only 9% of assignments required writing more than 1 paragraph.

By centralizing multiple tools in one platform, Scrible simplifies an otherwise complex and often confusing learning experience for students. By centralizing student work and providing rich metrics and real-time progress monitoring, Scrible also simplifies teachers’ ability to review, assess and provide timely feedback, all of which enable teachers to efficiently and effectively assign and manage the kind of work students need to master for college and career success.

Special Education and ELL Support:

See here how Scrible supports special education and ELL students and educators:

Scrible Edu Special Education Support

Scrible Adds Assistive Features for Accessibility and Comprehension


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