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Contract Expiration Date: 8/17/2024

Kevin Askew
Chief Revenue Officer
Phone: 732-678-6656


Product Description:
STOPit Solutions provides mobile, web & phone reporting and emergency management solutions, & crisis management services, to K-12 schools throughout the country.  We support 1,600+ districts & our award-winning technologies have been proven effective in early warning detection for school safety threats, while also aiding at-risk students who may be in personal distress.
HELPme Program
STOPit's HELPme Program
  • Decreases the stigma surround mental health and the shame of asking for help.
  • Supports the well-being and educational success for ALL students & staff.
  • Removes barriers to learning.
  • Improves school climate, student connectedness, parent & community engagement.
  • Creates a culture of helping ourselves AND helping others.
  • Serves as a foundation for Tier 2 and Tier 3 mental health supports and services by helping to identify students & staff in need.
  • Encourages positive behaviors and relationships.


STOPit's Panic Alert System: Simple, Fast & Powerful Emergency Management
Panic Alert System
  • All-in-one reporting, mass communication, emergency management and incident resolution system.
  • Instant alert system for staff and admins that notifies district team and your nearest 911 center, if needed.
  • Enables faster response times and enhanced communications to improve outcomes.
  • Integrates with Human Resource Systems, Visitor Management Systems, & Door Management Systems.
  • Meets requirements of Alyssa's Law.
  • New Features for SY 2023-2024 Include:
    • Enterprise Emergencies.
    • Exact Indoor Location Awareness.
    • Neighbor Notifications.
    • 911+ Concierge.

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